CEYTIPS is a unique brand with high quality and commitment on pure authentic tea from the misty mountains of the central highlands of Ceylon. Name originating from Ceylon tips and after much deliberation, research and creative thinking, our own brand of tea was born. As the name signifies, it carries with it the unique essence of Sri Lanka to the world’s tea drinkers. It’s also a part of a larger commitment and true working partnerships between tea farmers, tea distributors and tea drinkers.

Ceylon now known as Sri Lanka brings a new dimension to the world of tea by producing variations in taste, quality and appearance of the tea. CEYTIPS allows your choice to choose black or green, cold or hot, tea bags or loose tea. CEYTIPS offers brisk and refreshing flavors with mild floral aromas that will fit your healthy lifestyle.


Ceynetco International, Inc is a USA based company with headquarters in Irving, Texas with manufacturing facilities located in Sri Lanka. Pure Organic Ceylon tea, the Sri Lanka’s green gold, is among our main import items. We specialize in the selective tasting, purchasing, packaging and marketing of the highest grade and quality of pure Ceylon teas. Our defined company policy is to offer superior grade and quality of pure Ceylon tea to the international market that is professionally and exclusively chosen by our tea tasters from the misty mountains of Sri Lanka.

Since the company’s inception, we have been manufacturing pure Ceylon Tea with a team of young dynamic individuals who possess knowledge and experience in their respective field. We strive for the highest standards of excellence in the export field of the finest Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka.

As an importer and wholesale distributor of CEYTIPS tea, we place great emphasis on all aspects of production and quality control from blending until the final shipment. Our vision is to establish and nurture long lasting customer relationship, to be proactive in the international market and to focus on quality of excellence. Our teas are an authentic awakening experience. Observations of the highest ethical standards, our expertise in manufacturing, innovation and creativity in our presentation, account for our success.

CEYTIPS Tea is enjoyed today primarily in Europe, the Middle East and Russia.





Ceynetco International, Inc
2900 Story Road West
Irving, TX 75038, U.S.A



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